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Registered Oberhasli Goats


The Oberhasli is a dairy goat developed in the mountainous regions of Switzerland.  Oberhasli goats are alert with a friendly, gentle disposition.  Mature goats are medium size; bucks are 30-34" and does are 28-32" weighing 100-150 lbs.  The does are great milkers of very creamy, awesome tasting milk!

For more information on Oberhasli goats, go to 


Our two goats, Paige (American) and Annabelle (Purebred) are super loving and friendly and always playful and having fun. Sitting and watching goats run around and play is relaxing and good for the soul.  


To see their pedigree information, click on their registration number.  Both Paige and Annabelle have the same sire, Rachelsie Sento Del Sol ("Dels"), seen below.

Babies Due mid-May!

Check back for updates and pictures.  Call 906-241-2486 to reserve your kid

We love to drink the nutritious milk from our sweet goats and also use our Oberhasli Goats Milk to create wonderful soaps, lotion and other bath and body products.  

Goat milk has special nutritional values for soft and supple skin.  To see our products, go to

 Sugar Ridge Bath and Body 

Click on the store name or here to go to the online store


We have very limited Oberhasli breeding stock for sale every Spring.

Click here to see all available registered stock 

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